BOHEMIAN HAND HORN by BAUER, Prague and Vienna

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A rare and interesting hand horn by the Prague maker


EDUARD JOHANN  BAUER, who also worked in Vienna.


Dating from the mid-19th century, this is probably the


'bass horn' that is mentioned on page 22 of 'THE NEW


LANGWILL INDEX'  (see photo #2).


Its two silver plated crooks, in F and Eb, are in good


condition; the horn body is in 'much used' condition, bearing


evidence of some repairs: patches and a few cracks (sealed


by solder or clear lacquer) in the rather fragile brass of the


bell flare.  


The wide tuning slide is similar to that of the much-copied


Prague horn maker Franz Stöhr's horn, described in the


Fitzpatrick book on page 146.



This free-blowing and full-sounding horn seems designed


for 2nd/4th playing, although its fragile condition needs


sensitive and careful handling; ideally it needs more crooks,


for Bb, G and C basso in particular, in order to realise its full


potential.   Hence its overall condition and


limited crook range are reflected in its inexpensive





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BOHEMIAN HAND HORN by BAUER, Prague and Vienna