WELTKLANG Single F or Eb

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 This characterful  F or Eb horn with rotary valves, made by

WELTKLANG,  is a typical German single horn of a type / style

that has been widely used by players and copied by many

horn makers dating back to the middle of the 19th century.


  Made of yellow brass, in much-used and tarnished condition, the horn comes with a good hard case, main slides for F and E flat, and a silver plated mouthpiece. 


It plays very well with no ‘bad’ notes, and with a full, warm sound.


Although not an ‘authentic’ instrument, nor an accurate copy of such, it could conceivably be used for period instrument performance of the 19th century ‘Romantic’ repertoire (e.g. Schumann, Brahms, Bruckner, Mahler, Strauss et al).

I did this myself a few years ago, when  I borrowed a rather similar F horn (but in far worse visual and mechanical condition) and played it in a performance of the Brahms ‘German Requiem’ in which the orchestra used ‘historically appropriate instruments’. (Admittedly, some of the horn players of Brahms’ time may have played hand horns but conversely they may have used single F instruments with rotary valves, broadly similar to our example currently described.)


Even if never used in concert performance, this is an ideal,  inexpensive horn for practice or warm-up purposes.

It is a very good upgrade for a young player currently playing a ¾ size horn, or for an adult beginner.


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WELTKLANG Single F or Eb