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Model: YHR 664


YAMAHA'S 'Pro-quality Intermediate horn' is almost a trade secret!


This fantastically reliable and musically well-balanced double horn was a market leader for about 25 years, and then, inexplicably, Yamaha stopped making it.


Although technically classed as an 'Intermediate' horn (‘post-beginner’ up to college level) it is fully capable of professional use. For that reason, it is listed in both ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Professional’ categories.


With a medium bell throat, made of lacquered yellow brass, our current example is in very good shape, having been played only lightly, and not subjected to the daily wear and tear of typical professional use. There are just a few areas of minimally blemished lacquer, in the expected places near the left hand and in the bell. It is actually a 'one owner' horn, and has been very well maintained from new.


Overall, this is an excellent horn in every way. It plays cleanly and evenly over the entire range and with rather more personality than some other recent horns of this genre, and it is very reasonably priced.


NB: It is currently housed with its owner in North Berwick; contact information can be supplied on request.


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