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(a former subsidiary

of Meister Hans Hoyer)


Type: F/Bb compensating double or ‘half



Place of manufacture: Markneukirchen, in the former

 GDR (East Germany).

Bore / bell throat size: medium-large, similar but not

identical to Paxman ‘Europa’.

Alloy: lacquered yellow brass (lacquer 85% OK)

Central/ cylindrical bore: 11.9mm

Bell flare: fixed

Adjustable finger hook and duck's-foot.

Case: very protective padded hard case in 

excellent condition.

Weight: 2.3kg


Further details: not as heavy as some compensators

advertised elsewhere, this very fine German-made

horn is maybe the equal of the Paxman 'Studenti'

 but lighter in weight and costing less


Its duck's-foot and adjustable finger hook are

advantageous in achieving a comfortable left

hand grip.


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