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A lovely gold brass


Model ES-1,


by Engelbert Schmid.


 Bell flare: W taper, gold brass, with a nickel-silver garland (’kranz’)


 The horn is in excellent condition, its lacquer on the 'corpus' (horn body) blemish-free except for some minimal wear on the nickel-silver bell-guard and mouthpipe-guard where the left hand touches the lacquer.


  This superb, sensitive horn is fitted with a duck's foot/ flipper. 


Its design incorporates Schmid's ingenious detachable H-section on the main tuning slide, which, when removed, puts the horn into B natural and F#, permitting e.g. E flat fingerings in tricky passages for the E horn (e.g. the Weber Concertino) In this latter configuration its overall response is even more free-blowing, owing to its shortened length.


By carefully following Schmid’s Recommended slide-positions for Bb and F-sides, changeable to B natural/F# and A/E”

on his web-site at it’s also possible to play in A/E or E/A using conventional F fingerings – very useful for e.g. the Spohr Octet in E!


Cosmetically/visually the instrument is in very good shape, apart from the noted minimal lacquer issues. 


With excellent valve compression and a very comfortable light-weight overall 'feel' (only 2.35 kg) this is an outstanding horn in every way, with an enormous palette of tone-colours and a clear, ringing, 'unmissable' high register.




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