PAXMAN Model 40 descant

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Maker:  PAXMAN

Model:  40X

Type:  Bb/A+/ F alto double ‘descant' with detachable gold brass F extension and manual 5th rotor giving a quick change to A(+). The F loop may be removed if not needed, leaving the rotary A/A+ still operative.

Serial number: 8746X

Bell throat profile: X ; Tubing bore/ internal diameter: 12 mm

Alloy: unlacquered nickel silver

Bell flare: detachable Conn 8D

Water key: conventional type, on the leadpipe.

Visual/ cosmetic condition: mostly good; there are a few scuffed metal surfaces, some very minor dings, 1 rather crudely made patch and 2 recent, expertly-made patches. However, these are purely cosmetic issues that have no effect on the horn’s playing qualities. Vintage UK '3 pence' coins have been added to lengthen the valve levers but these can easily be removed if not required.

Valve compression: good

Paxman/MB compact case with backpack straps.

A very good example of this model. I used to play a similar but not identical horn, for 14 years as principal horn in the English Chamber Orchestra, and I confess (admit?) that its really secure high register enabled me to ‘stay in the job’! My personal ‘take’ on an X bell throat taper is that, by skilful use of the right hand, it’s possible to simulate a Medium bell’s 'blowing resistance' and sound quality.



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PAXMAN Model 40 descant