KRUSPE 'HORNER Model' Pre-1918

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'Pre-Philadelphia' original Horner model


Ed. Kruspe in amazing useable condition.


One rarely encounters a horn of this vintage that isn't


slightly defective. However, this one is in excellent


playing condition, its valves having very good




There is one small patch, 14mm x


16mm, reinforcing the outer bell rim.



The bell throat is wider than ‘Medium’ but not as wide


as e.g. a Conn 8D or Paxman 'A'.



Made of unlacquered yellow-brass, with nickel-silver


valve slides, ferrules and braces, the horn speaks


clearly in all registers, and, compared to some later


Kruspes, there are no obvious 'wolf' notes.


Everything on the horn is original, apart from the


springs, which are modern replacements.



Engraved on the bell is:


Ed. Kruspe






D.R.G.M. 232038



D.R.G.M. 232038 is the “Horner” model named after


Anton Horner, 1877-1971, the famous Philadelphia


Orchestra 1st horn (from 1902) and teacher.



I have thoroughly enjoyed testing this lovely


instrument, and can recommend it to a player


seeking the 'Kruspe sound' but with rather less effort


than is required to play the later Kruspe or Kruspe-


style horns.


Furthermore, it is rather lightweight: 2.23 kg.



This excellent and rare vintage horn has a


distinguished pedigree, having been lightly played for


several years by a former member of the London


Philharmonic Orchestra.




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KRUSPE 'HORNER Model' Pre-1918