KARL GLASER copy of Alexander 1103

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Maker: KARL GLASER, Neuenkirchen, Germany

Model: 'Geyer' / Alexander 1103 generalised copy

Type: F/Bb or Bb/F full double with detachable bell flare

Bell throat profile: medium

Tubing bore/ internal diameter: 11.85 mm

Alloy: lacquered yellow brass; nickel silver slide outers and

all connecting ferrules; new replacement gold brass

ALEXANDER 1103 leadpipe.

Water key: conventional type, on the leadpipe

Weight: 2.7 kg 

Visual / cosmetic condition: excellent. There is some slight

loss of lacquer where the new, unlacquered Alexander

leadpipe has been fitted. Of course, these minor blemishes

are merely cosmetic issues that have no effect on the

horn’s excellent playing qualities.

Rotor compression: excellent

Very good, strong original screw-bell hard case with

backpack straps.

Further details: this horn, expertly customised by a former

Paxman Master Craftsman, is an ‘easy blower’ requiring

less effort than many other double horns, maybe on account

of its 11.85 mm central bore compared to the Alexander's

12.1 mm. Its 4th valve plate can be laterally adjusted for 'left

hand comfort', very similar to that on Finke, Alex

1103 and Yamaha 567 horns.

The instrument's only somewhat negative feature is its

weight, which is slightly greater than the average 2.65 kg of

many screw-bell horns.

Generally, an excellent player with an even response

over the entire range, and remarkable 'value for money'.


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KARL GLASER copy of Alexander 1103