JUPITER 'Hornett', size-adjustable

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JUPITER 452DL ‘Hornett’  

Single F or Bb ‘expanding/contractinghorn.

Its ingenious construction permits its left hand grip, and of course its acoustical length, to be adjusted so that it can be played in 4 different configurations, as follows:

2/3 size F; 2/3 size Bb; full size F; full size Bb.

In the photos, it is shown as a compact (2/3 size) F horn.

The Jupiter JHR-452DL horn comes with both sets of tuning slides for a single F or a single Bb horn. It is ergonomically designed for medium or small hands, owing to its movable set of rotors, which can be configured as either a full-size, or a compact-size horn for children or adults with shorter fingers.

I consider this to be a very fine engineering achievement in itself, quite apart from the instrument’s excellent playing qualities.  Its finger hook, duck’s foot and thumb rest are all adjustable, for maximum playing comfort (a special Allen key is supplied).

The horn is made of lacquered yellow brass and nickel silver, with a gold brass (corrosion resistant) leadpipe and a good silver-plated mouthpiece.

 It comes in an extremely protective, large and very heavy case. Unfortunately this is unsuitable and inappropriate for a small young player, so I suggest 'mothballing'/storing the original case until the player is older and stronger, and purchasing an alternative lightweight case or a well-padded gig bag.

NB: The current new price of this horn ranges from £1,150 to £1,250 depending on the retailer. Our price for this 'as-new' horn is less than 41% of that!

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JUPITER 'Hornett', size-adjustable