HOLTON 'Farkas' 179

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The HOLTON H-179 is a generalised Kruspe copy, similar but not identical to a Conn 8D.

Designed by Philip Farkas, the legendary former 1st horn of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, it has a more compact shape, an independent Bb tuning slide and a much easier high register than an 8D.

This superb horn has a mellow, open, resonant character and an excellent, liquid legato. Its characteristic 'default sound' has a medium-bright, ringing tone colour, with brilliant overtones and excellent projection.


 Key: F/Bb

Pitch: A=440-442

Alloy: nickel silver

Rotor compression: good

Water key: conventional type, on the leadpipe.

Adjustable finger hook.

Case: lightweight, with backpack straps.

Cosmetic/visual condition: good. There is some lacquer wear and other slight visual blemishes, but nothing affecting the instrument's playing qualities.

This horn plays beautifully over the whole range, with an excellent high register, and has a very comfortable, compact left hand position.


Price comparison: A brand new Holton H-179 currently costs (best discount price) £4,547; our current used horn, as described above, costs less than 30% of that.


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HOLTON 'Farkas' 179