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Designed by Philip Farkas, the legendary former 1st horn of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the HOLTON H-180 is a generalised Kruspe copy, similar but not identical to a Conn 8D.

 It has a more compact shape, an independent Bb tuning slide and a much easier high register than an 8D.

 It is a superb horn with a mellow, open, resonant character and an excellent, liquid legato. Its characteristic 'default sound' has a medium-dark, ringing tone colour, with brilliant overtones and excellent projection.


 Key: F/Bb

Pitch: A=440-442

Alloy: lacquered yellow brass, nickel silver tuning slides.

Rotor compression: very good

Water key: conventional type, on the leadpipe.

Case: original Holton, quite heavy and

very protective.

This horn plays beautifully and has a very

comfortable, compact left hand position.

'Price comparison': A new Holton H-180 currently costs (best discount prices):  £5,440 from Trevor Jones, Bristol, and £4,697 from Alan Gregory, Manchester. Our 2nd hand price is less than 43% of the average of those prices.


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