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Made in: GDR, the former East Germany

Type: F/Bb or Bb/F full double

Bore / Throat: Extra Large

Alloy: unlacquered yellow brass

Bell flare: fixed

Water key: conventional type, on the leadpipe.

Mouthpiece: a very good medium size, its silver plate in as-new condition.

Visual/cosmetic condition: excellent, recently fully overhauled, serviced and polished. There are just a few miniscule surface blemishes.

Weight: 2.56 kg

Case: with shoulder straps, well-padded, in good condition.

Further details: this is only the 2nd Hans Hoyer 801-L I've encountered in 15 years; it is a fine, sensitive, very free-blowing instrument with ‘all the notes in the right places’ and a flexible range of tone colours. Having an extra-large bell throat (even wider than e.g. a Conn 8D or Paxman 'L') gives the horn a huge, powerful mid-to-low register and a rich, deeply sonorous range of tone colours. For this reason, I recommend this horn for 'low players' in particular, rather than as an all-round instrument.

  By skilful use of the right hand, straightened and inserted more deeply into the MIDDLE of the bell, the wide throat can be instantly and temporarily 'converted' to a Medium or Medium-Large size for greater clarity in the high register. This is a well-known and very effective technique that can usefully be applied to all 'large' horns, e.g. Holton 179/279; Conn 8D; King 'Eroica'; Paxman 'L' and 'A'; Schmid 'W' and Finke 'M-L' bell flares.


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