GUICHARD attrib. hand horn, c.1840

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A beautiful natural horn / hand horn / cor d’orchestre,


attributed to GUICHARD, Paris, c.1840.


Formerly in the Edward Croft-Murray collection, the instrument is


housed in an original red paper and suede-lined wooden box.


It has a full set of crooks, of which many are almost certainly


original to the instrument, and 3 original mouthpieces.



It is in very good playing condition (pitch 440 Hz) with


no major repairs.


There are 3 very small and insignificant 'dings', photos of which can


be supplied on request.



Its crooks, some very little used, are marked: SI, LA, LAB, SOL, FA,


MD, MB, RÉ, UT, and SIB on the whole-tone coupler for B flat 'basso' in


combination with the UT/C crook. The crook inlets / terminations are


quite small: 7.4-7.6 mm, except for the F crook (8.1mm). Interestingly, in


his Méthode de cor alto et cor basse of 1824, the legendary French


player and pedagogue Dauprat writes disapprovingly of the fashion to


name the E/mi crook: MD (mi dièze/E sharp) and also wonders why


there is no A flat crook. 


There is indeed an A flat crook with this horn, a very useful aid for


playing high passages written for the E flat/MB crook (as was implicitly


and prophetically recommended by Dauprat in his Méthode.)


Several features are typical of many horns by the Guichard workshop:


the ferrule joining the bell section, the crook receiver and coupler




The decoration of the painted bell is especially associated with a


number of instruments by Guichard, and also by Gautrot.


Designs similar in execution and colouring to the present instrument's


decoration can be seen on an unsigned two-valve horn in the R. J.


Martz collection (, on a Guichard clavicor (Musée de la


Musique, Paris E.747) and on a Guichard cor d’orchestre advertised on


ebay in 2013.


Other horns with chinoiserie for comparison are in museums: Huesca


Cathedral Archive, Spain; Historisches Museum, Basel, Switzerland


(1980.2274); GNM, Nuremberg, Germany (MIR 82 ); also on a “Bax”,


Bate collection, Oxford, (637 - bell only).



My own personal speculation is that this lovely horn was made under


Guichard's supervision by an apprentice in the master's


workshop; this would explain the lack of an engraved 'Guichard'




The horn is currently with its owner in South-West Scotland.


Contact information can be provided on request.



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GUICHARD attrib. hand horn, c.1840