CONN vintage Elkhart 6D

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Maker:  C. G. CONN (Elkhart)

Model:  6D

Type:  F/Bb full double

Bell throat profile: ML (medium-large)

Bell diameter:  12.25  inches

Bore (cylindrical):  11.89 mm

Alloy: yellow brass, lacquered

Bell flare: detachable

Lacquer: rather worn and scratched in several places.

Weight: 2.39 kg /5 lb 4 oz. This is quite lightweight,

particularly in view of the fact that it has a detachable bell flare, whose screw-rings add to its weight.

 Visual condition:  good, ‘has seen some use’; there are a few tiny dings - merely cosmetic issues that have no effect on the horn’s playing qualities.

Valve compression: very good

Case: lightweight ‘Tenorman’ gig bag for screw-bell horn.

Further details:

A somewhat 'cosmetically-challenged' but otherwise superb Conn 6D from the notable Elkhart era.  The 6D was the model used by the Boston Symphony Orchestra before the Conn company launched the larger-blowing 8D.

It is fitted with a 'duck's-foot / flipper' and an adjustable finger hook.

Its valve compression is excellent, and unlike some later 6Ds, its high register is well 'slotted' and NOT flat!

    There is a small, neatly made oval patch measuring 2.5 cm by 1.5 cm, about 5 cm from the bell-rim, on the inner side of the bell flare.  I mention this so as to be as accurate as possible in my description of the horn's cosmetic condition.  

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CONN vintage Elkhart 6D