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Model: 6D


Type: F/Bb full double


Bell throat profile: ML (medium-large)


Alloy: yellow brass


Bell flare: fixed


Lacquer: There are several areas of worn or scratched lacquer  where the hands touch the instrument and also on some of the tuning slides and the front of the bell throat where the horn has rested in the player's lap.


Weight: 2.56 kg


Visual condition: quite good, with only a few very tiny dings plus the lacquer issues mentioned above: - purely cosmetic issues that have no effect on the horn’s playing qualities.


Valve compression: very good


Case: original very protective Conn hard case in good condition. A new lightweight back-pack case is available for an extra £60.


Further details: this is an excellent horn in every way.

It was overhauled and serviced very recently.


Before the emergence of the 'ubiquitous' larger 8D model, the 6D was Conn's top professional-quality horn, used by e.g. the Boston Symphony Orchestra.


This lovely horn is very responsive in all registers and

its high register in particular is superior to that of

many 6Ds.


Overall, a lovely, recommendable 'Intermediate' horn.



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