ALEXANDER 309 Compensating Triple

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Model: 309


Type: Compensating Triple in F/Bb/F alto; the low F side

is compensating.


Alloy: lacquered yellow brass.

Bell flare: detachable

Adjustable ducks-foot and finger hook.

Water key: conventional type, added last year.

Case: Marcus Bonna MB5


The horn could be described as either a model 107 with a

compensating F side, or as a model 102 with the addition of

a descant / alto side. 


The main tuning slide has a detachable 'H'-section which,

when removed, and with some adjustment of the F

tuning slide, puts the horn into F# / B natural / F alto

(possibly inspired by Schmid?). This gives useful Eb

fingerings for horn in E, making e.g. the Weber Concertino

or Spohr Octet much less 'tricky for the left hand'.


This surprisingly lightweight triple (only slightly heavier than

a standard Alex 103 double) plays beautifully, with a very

sweet sound.

The F basso side plays more fully than one might expect

from a compensating horn.

What is also noticeable is that, when playing loudly, the

sound does not become too brassy and brash too early, and

maintains a good 'horn' sound.


Cosmetically / visually there is some lacquer wear in the

usual, expected places.


The horn is currently with its owner in Roath, Cardiff, U.K.


Contact information can be provided on request.



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ALEXANDER 309 Compensating Triple