ALEXANDER 103, yellow brass

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A very fine ALEXANDER 103, in unlacquered yellow brass, with a vintage slim-line original Alexander 'mock-croc' case, much smaller and lighter than the current 103 case (although not very protective!)

This lovely, free-blowing horn is 55 years old, having been chosen by its owner from several similar 103s at Alexander's Mainz workshop in 1964.


It is a superb example of a 1960s Alexander, possessing all the legendary virtues of this iconic model, whose design is largely unchanged since the early years of the 20th century.


With a ringing clarity of sound, a 'notchy' high register and excellent rotor compression, this horn is attractively priced to appeal to not only an Alexander enthusiast, but any player looking for THE classic German double horn, with many years of life left in it.


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ALEXANDER 103, yellow brass