ALEXANDER 103 with Lawson leadpipe

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A LOVELY Alexander 103, 25-30 years old.


Made of lacquered yellow-brass, with a fixed bell, this horn plays beautifully, its special qualities embracing all the well-known timeless virtues of the Model 103, which include a crisply responsive 'start-up time' and a confidence-inspiring high register with wonderfully slotted pitch centres.


This particular feature was enhanced by the fitting of a new Lawson leadpipe and a new Alexander 103 bell a few years ago. The bell replacement has resulted in a small area of slightly oval tubing near the end of the first branch. This has had absolutely no negative impact on the horn's performance; indeed, there are many Alexander enthusiasts who believe that the 'personality' and the overall character of the older Model 103 can be attributed to various sections of oval rather than circular tubing!

The lacquer, totally renewed when the leadpipe and bell were replaced, is in excellent condition; there are 2 'Amado/ Getzen' water keys, and the original 103 pipe is included in the sale. The horn is supplied with a good, lightweight back-pack case.

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ALEXANDER 103 with Lawson leadpipe