BOOSEY & Co 'Class A light valve' piston horn

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Maker: BOOSEY & CO


Model: 'Orchestral Model Class A light valve'


Type: French-style piston horn with F crook and optional

Eb crook


Serial number: 65269, made in 1903.

Bell throat profile: Small

Alloy: yellow brass

Case: not provided.


Visual / cosmetic condition: generally 'good to moderate';  there are some small dings on the horn body,  and very many large dings on the F crook, but nothing that impedes its playing qualities.

Valve compression: good, slightly leaky but OK if oiled regularly.

Further details:  although quite ‘cosmetically challenged’ this horn plays well. 

  Fortunately, the instrument does NOT display the often-found ‘acute angle’ between crook and horn body. 


Optionally available for an extra £60 is a vintage French Eb

crook, very 'cosmetically challenged', but which plays well,

with the horn's tuning slides pulled out for intonation



NB: the low price of this horn reflects its much-used condition.


  Its in-line pistons would allow it to be converted very easily to a valveless hand horn, but this course of action would be inadvisable, since it plays well as a piston-valve horn. 

Its valve slides are short enough to give good intonation, when pushed in fully, with an A crook (not supplied)


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BOOSEY & Co 'Class A light valve' piston horn