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The HALSTEAD BUZZ-BUDDY is a superb,

ingenious practising aid.


It encourages, focuses and strengthens buzzing on the mouthpiece by adding a similar degree of resistance to that of a horn.

It has long been recognized by many players and teachers

that too much buzzing on the mouthpiece alone can

cause undesirable results to the embouchure.

The HALSTEAD BUZZ-BUDDY was developed

specifically to address this problem.

It is a narrow-bore brass tube, tapered at

both ends, with a single vent-hole placed strategically near

the mouthpiece-receiver. Its fundamental pitch with

the hole closed is that of a horn in F's 'Eb' above middle C.

All pitches lower than this can be buzzed (as 'factitious'

tones bent down from the fundamental) with the hole

closed by a finger or thumb.

An un-vented pipe of this length does not produce any

further buzzable HIGHER pitches between this note and 'top C'

(the 2nd harmonic an octave higher than the fundamental).

Opening the Buzz-Buddy's vent-hole permits the buzzing

of all higher pitches, as far as one's embouchure can sound.

The Halstead Buzz-Buddy is made of high-quality hand-polished

brass, and is small enough to fit in a pocket. 


 It is much less expensive than a good-quality mouthpiece.


NB: Direct website ordering and payment is via Paypal.


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NNB: The mouthpiece in the photo is for illustration purposes

only, and is not included.




Postage and packing:

£2.90 UK; £5.50 all other destinations.



  • £34.00