JIRACEK 'Bohemia' Model 110 hand-horn

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An excellent  'reproduction' hand-horn by Jiracek, with a full set of crooks.

The Jiracek web site gives more details of this Bohemian model:

“(It is) a copy of an old historical instrument, which was found in the Kutna Hora monastery; a typical horn played in Bohemia in the late18th and early 19th century.”


   I spent spent several hours testing this horn and was very impressed.

 Included are: crooks in the keys of C alto, Bb alto, A, G, F, E, Eb, D, C basso, and a coupler to lower the C basso crook to Bb basso; plus 2 extensions for the tuning slide.

It can be played at 'modern' (A=440) pitch but its tuning slide allows a lower pitch (A=430) on crooks down to F, and then its tuning-slide extensions allow the lower ‘classical’ pitch (A=430)  from E downwards through to Bb basso.

This is one of the older, unlacquered Jiracek horns and it comes with a case for the horn-body ('corpus') and a well-padded rectangular 'semi-soft' bag for all the crooks.

Visually/ cosmetically it is very good, its unlacquered brass having a mellow 'patina'. As there is no lacquer, the brass surfaces can easily be ‘shone up’ using a good-quality and non-abrasive brass polish; a recommended one would be 'Brasso Wadding' but NOT liquid 'Brasso' as it has a strong ammonia smell and is much more abrasive than the wadding.

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JIRACEK 'Bohemia' Model 110 hand-horn