COUESNON Cor-de-Chasse in Eb

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A fine Cor de Chasse by the Paris maker Couesnon, in quite good but ‘much-used’ condition.

The engraving on its bell, in addition to 'Couesnon', also mentions the 19th century Strasbourg brass maker  ‘M. Hublart & Fils’, which may suggest that Hublart serviced, repaired or sold it. This is somewhat contradicted by the number '23' indicating that it was made in 1923.

The horn’s key of E flat results in a somewhat tighter, smaller ‘wrap’ than the more common Trompe key of D.
  A totally inauthentic musical by-product of this more compact shape is that its bell is close enough to the player to permit some rudimentary ‘hand technique’.  Despite the fact that this will be frowned upon by traditional dedicated Trompe players, there is no denying that the higher harmonics are rendered more easily attainable by an ever-so-slight presence of the hand or merely the finger-tips in the bell throat.  The horn’s nickel silver mouthpiece, stamped ‘Couesnon’, fits very well into the tuneable receiver, which has 2 ‘lugs’ to facilitate its adjustment. The mouthpiece has a much more comfortable rim than the usual typical Trompe ‘pastry-cutter’ mouthpiece; nevertheless one of those (a modern example) is also provided, but its very narrow shank would need lapping with paper or plastic tape to give a hermetic seal.

The Trompe gives a clear, bright, ringing sound, with a pleasing, brassy ‘edge’ in ‘Forte' and 'Fortissimo’.

There is no case with this horn.

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COUESNON Cor-de-Chasse in Eb