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Model:  ‘ACADEMY’

Type:  F/Bb full double in the 'Geyer' style

Bell throat profile:  medium

Alloy:  yellow brass

Bell flare: fixed

Water key: conventional type, on the leadpipe.

Valve compression: very good

Visual/ cosmetic condition: very good, with inevitably some worn lacquer in the usual, expected places.

Case:  Blue Paxman / Jacob Winter style, in good condition, with shoulder strap.

Further details: an easy player with a clear, full tone and good intonation on both the Bb and the F horn.

An excellent upgrade instrument for an ‘improving’ player who has been playing a single F or a mini horn.

NB Price comparison: The brand-new price of this model ranges from about £1,925 to £2,273, depending on the retailer.


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