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An excellent example of the iconic Alexander 107 Bb/A+/F alto ‘descant’ (famously Christened ‘Securicor’ by the late Alan Civil!)

In lacquered (85% OK) gold brass, with a fixed bell, it is in generally very good mechanical and acoustical condition, having recently been overhauled at a cost of nearly £400. This included a full valve service, so, the rotors are beautifully smooth, quick and silent, even the somewhat 'notorious' two linked rotors giving the change to F alto.

 There are a few purely 'cosmetic' imperfections but the instrument plays superbly.  I must say that this horn feels incredibly well ‘blown in’ and wonderfully responsive over the entire range.

Overall, a great ‘descant’ horn at a very attractive price, about 35% of the cost of a new one with this specification.

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