HOLTON 105 with LAWSON and HOLTON leadpipes

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‘FLAGSHIP’ HORN with a detachable bell flare


The H105 is impressive in its overall 'player comfort', and in

its fluent, sensitive and sonorous response over the whole





Model: H-105


Type: Full double in F/Bb


Weight: 2.66 kg



When playing this very fine instrument one is aware of an attractive characteristic of the 105: it plays like a ‘sophisticated Conn 8D’, with an easier, more achievable pianissimo and a clearer, well-slotted high register. Of course, it can also make a big, smooth sound when required, and it has a more compact shape than an 8D.


The horn's middle section is nickel-silver; its hand-hammered, annealed bell and first branch are bronze, giving a warmer sonority than gold-brass.

There are two interchangeable nickel silver leadpipes, one for orchestral use and the other for chamber playing. The 'orchestral' pipe is by LAWSON, model FB 210.125, and the 'smaller-blowing' pipe is by Holton, model LB.


Its ‘large’ (not extra-large) bell throat is spacious enough for subtle right-hand tonal nuancing of its natural, default sound, which is Medium-Dark and velvety.


There are hardly any cosmetic blemishes, apart from a few 'pin-head dings' on the bell flare, and only very slight lacquer wear, in the expected places.


The horn plays beautifully over the entire range, with a ringing, concentrated sound and a wonderfully ‘slotted’ high register.


A lovely, versatile horn at a very reasonable price.



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HOLTON 105 with LAWSON and HOLTON leadpipes