YAMAHA 'Custom' 667VL

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The Yamaha ‘Custom’ 667VL is a superb ‘Geyer model’ hand-made full double horn.  

In lacquered yellow brass, with a gold brass leadpipe, our current example (its 'L' suffix denoting its lacquer) is in excellent condition.

An attractive and useful feature is that it has an adjustable position for the thumb plate, to cater for all hand sizes.

 It plays beautifully over the entire range, with a clean and focussed response, especially in the high register. The horn's wide range of tone colour, more varied and flexible than is available on the 'standard' 667, is undoubtedly enhanced by its medium-large hand-hammered bell. Its ‘default sound’ is very clear, round and ringing.

This is an extract from the Yamaha web site:

“The Yamaha 667V horn’s patented ‘dual plane’ 4th valve permits a unique tubing configuration for smooth transitions between Bb and F horns. The long mouthpipe / leadpipe delivers remarkably accurate intonation, while the hollow phosphor-bronze rotors provide quick, free response.”

·                     Handmade construction

·                     Hollow phosphor-bronze rotors

·                     Bell throat: medium large (ML)

·                     Bore: 12mm (0.472")

·                     Yellow brass

This is a highly desirable instrument at a very reasonable price. Its brand-new price is currently £5,405 (from Alan Gregory, Manchester) or £5,788 (from Trevor Jones, Bristol).

NB: During a survey carried out about 10 years ago by the graphic design artist and horn player Thomas Thü Hürlimann, no less than 65 double horns currently in production were visually evaluated in terms of their ‘aesthetic beauty’. His final shortlist of 10 included the Alexander models 200 and 403, and the YAMAHA 667V!  http://www.ecliptic.ch/horndesign.html

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YAMAHA 'Custom' 667VL