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Maker:  YAMAHA

Model:  YHR 666N

Type:  F/Bb or Bb/F full double

Bell throat profile: large

Alloy: nickel silver.

Bell flare: fixed

Weight: 2.5 kg

Visual/cosmetic condition: 'has seen some use'; this description applies mainly to the lacquer, which is quite scruffy in several places. There are some tiny, inconsequential dings, but no blemishes that have any effect on the playing.

Valve compression: excellent

Duck's foot/ flipper fitted.

Case: Paxman black fibreglass, in well-used condition.

Further details: very free-blowing and generally 'easy to play', with a crisply defined high register, the Yamaha 666 is considered by many players to be superior in many ways than its successor, the 668.

Although a professional-quality instrument, its very reasonable price accounts for its parallel listing in the 'Intermediate' category.

Overall, an excellent player with an even response over the entire range. 


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