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Maker: YAMAHA, Japan


Model: YHR-662


Type: F/Bb full double


Bell throat profile: medium

Alloy: yellow brass, its formerly worn lacquer professionally stripped and the brass surfaces highly polished to a gleaming finish.

Valve compression: very good

'Amado/Getzen' water key on the leadpipe.

Silver-plated mouthpiece by 'Blessing'.

Visual  condition: generally good; there are a few very tiny 'non-invasive' surface scratches but these are purely cosmetic issues.

Case: well-used hard case; a new lightweight case with backpack straps is available for £59.

Weight: 2.45 kg

Further details: I am selling this horn on behalf of Gerry Birch Music Services; it has very recently been overhauled and serviced in the GBMS workshop.

  With 'all the notes in all the right places' and a clear, ringing sound, this excellent, inexpensive  horn is exactly right for a young, improving player who is upgrading from a single or a ‘mini’ horn.


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