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Maker: C.S.WILLSON / Willy Kurath

Country of origin:  Switzerland

Type:  full double  F/Bb Model CS-250, ‘Geyer’ model.

Age: 9 years, very light use

Bell throat profile: medium

Alloy: yellow brass

Bell flare: detachable

Lacquer: very good

Valve compression: excellent

Visual/ cosmetic condition: very good, just a few slight lacquer scratches

Weight: 2.59 kg / 5lb 5oz

Case: original hard ‘suitcase’

Further details: A lovely example of the C.S. WILLSON Geyer-style double horn.   Although this superb model is sometimes regarded as a 'large' horn the bore of its central cylindrical tubing is only 11.85 mm, so, a significant amount smaller than e.g. some well-known makes such as Conn and Holton (11.89 mm bore), Paxman (12 mm) and of course Alexander (12.1mm).  Willson horns are renowned for their 'Rotax' valves which offer less resistance and a smoother air-flow than conventional rotors. 

Overall, this is a beautifully made, very responsive horn with an even sound throughout the whole range and a wide palette of tone colours.

‘Swiss precision engineering’ at its finest!

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