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Model: FE-04 'Pottag'

Made in: Cleveland, USA

Type: F/Bb full double

Bell throat profile: medium

Alloy: yellow brass

Bell flare: fixed

Valve compression: very good

Visual / cosmetic condition: very good for its age; there are various small scratches, tiny dings and minor surface blemishes that have no effect on the horn’s excellent playing qualities.

Case: Paxman black fibreglass. A new lightweight back-pack case can be supplied for an extra £60.

Weight: 2.43 kg – slightly lighter than the standard 2.5+ kg that is the default weight of many double horns.

Further details: designed by Max Pottag of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, a contemporary of Philip Farkas, this is a  fine example of a quite rare and unusual 'medium' double horn. It is unusual in that, unlike maybe 90% of production-line American horns, it has a medium bell throat rather than a large throat, and plays with a rather bright, ringing sound.


NB: Because the valve levers are quite short, detachable rubber extensions have been fitted. If these are not required (they can be removed in seconds) the price can be discounted by £15. 

 Although a professional-quality horn, it is also listed in the Intermediate category on account of its modest price.


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