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Model: FE03 'Contempora'

Type: F/Bb full double

Manufactured: 1972-1973

Bell throat profile: medium-large

Alloy: lacquered yellow brass

Bell flare: fixed

Valve compression: very good.

Visual / cosmetic condition: good for its age; there are various scratches, very small dings and minor surface blemishes that have no effect on the horn’s excellent playing qualities. There is a fair amount of lacquer wear in the usual, expected places.

Case: original Reynolds hard case, heavy and protective.

Weight: 2.6 kg / 5 lb 12 oz

Further details: A great example of this ‘classic’ free-blowing double horn, recently fitted with a new 'Reynolds-Chambers' hand-drawn leadpipe by Tom Fisher. It has a very 'notchy' high register, and its low register is beautifully open. 

The 1977 Reynolds catalogue states: "[FE-03] Superb craftsmanship and engineering produce a French horn capable of satisfying the most exacting demands of advanced players. (It)features the same distinctive characteristics and quality of the FE-01 Contempora French horn except that it is solid brass with nickel-silver tubes, bracing and trim. Use of brass rather than nickel-silver gives the instrument a somewhat brighter, freer tone."

Several years ago the entire horn section of the London Philharmonic Orchestra played Reynolds horns!

NB: Although a professional-quality horn, it is also listed in the Intermediate category on account of its modest price.

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