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Maker: JOSEF LIDL,  Brno, Moravia, formerly

Czechoslovakia, now Czech Republic

Type: Full double F/Bb

Bell throat profile: medium

Alloy: unlacquered yellow brass

Weight: 2.8 kg

Visual/ cosmetic condition: good, with no serious blemishes other than a few very small ‘non-invasive’ dings, having no effect on the horn’s performance.

Valve compression: very good.

Case: brand new lightweight ‘Gear4Music’ case with backpack straps.

Further details: sometimes under-rated on account of its weight, this well-known model of ‘beginner to intermediate’ full double horn has been made famous in recent years by the journalist Jasper Rees’s very enjoyable and entertaining book ‘I Found my Horn’.

 I played exactly this Lidl model professionally for a while, when I was 4th horn in the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra in 1966, as it gave a much more powerful and ‘projecting’ low and middle register response than did my Alexander 104.

 Our current horn is a fine, inexpensive example with a fluent response and an even sound over the whole range.



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