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Maker: KING

Model: 2269 ‘Fidelio’


Type: F / Bb full double


Manufactured: approx 1979-1980


Bore / Throat: medium


Alloy: yellow brass


Bell flare: fixed


Water key: ‘Amado/ Getzen’ on the mouthpipe.


Visual / cosmetic condition: ‘generally good but has seen some use’. Its formerly worn lacquer was very recently professionally stripped and the brass polished. 


Weight: very lightweight for a full double, 2.37 kg, 5 lb 4 oz.


Case: fairly new lightweight 'Gator' with shoulder strap


Further details:

 Designed by the legendary USA brass designer George McCracken as a specifically ‘free-blowing’ horn, this is a very good, sensitive instrument with ‘all the notes in the right places’ and a pure, ringing tone: perhaps the best ‘sub £1500’ professional-quality instrument I’ve encountered during the past year. It is also listed in the 'Intermediate' category on account of its low price.


 I played exactly this model of horn for a couple of years in the English Chamber Orchestra;  I was working on ‘scaling down’ the heaviness of my sound at that time, to fit in with a small orchestra.



NB: the horn is currently housed with its owner in Huddersfield, UK. Contact details can be provided on request.


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