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Sometimes described as  ‘the world’s most free-blowing double horn’ the King ‘Eroica’ is a nickel-silver full double horn with a large bell-throat and an enormous dynamic range. 

Designed in the early 1970s by the legendary USA horn builder and acoustician George McCracken, as a serious production-line competitor to the ubiquitous Conn 8D, the Eroica incorporates a more open ‘wrap’ than the 8D, its gentle curves ensuring a fantastic freedom-of-blow at all dynamic levels, plus a very centred high register. 
Our current example is in good all-round condition, having recently been overhauled. It produces a brighter and clearer sound than that which one normally expects from this model.

Weighing only 2.44 kg (5lb 6 oz), this is a superb, flexible double horn at a very reasonable price.

NB: although a 'professional quality' horn, it is also listed in the 'Intermediate' category because of its 'sub-£2K' price.


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