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Type: Full Double F/Bb or Bb/F

Bell throat profile: medium-large

Bell diameter: 12 inches

Central internal tubing diameter: 12 mm

Alloy: yellow brass

Bell flare: fixed

Lacquer: 95% OK

Water key: conventional type, on the leadpipe

Valve compression: excellent

Visual/ cosmetic condition: very good; just a few small areas of worn or scratched lacquer, as is to expected, due to the normal wear and tear of everyday use.  There are two absolutely miniscule dings in the tuning slide tubing round the back.

Further details: none of the very slight visual blemishes mentioned above have any effect on its performance. The horn is free-blowing over the whole range, and plays with a clear and focussed sound  especially in the upper register.

Case: Paxman fibreglass hard case.

NB Price comparison: The best current discount price for a new Jupiter 852 is £1789.


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