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 A new, as yet un-owned horn, having been a stock item in a music shop that has recently closed.

The horn bears tiny signs of being tried out and displayed.

This excellent instrument, probably the finest ‘Intermediate-Professional horn on the market, is offered at over £700 below the R.R.P (£3506), and £355 below the lowest-priced UK supplier [Gear4Music], which has none in stock at present, it being a special order instrument.

The ‘Medium’, as opposed to ‘Large’ bell throat  makes this a more-easily controlled instrument for the improving player.  It has considerable freedom of blow, producing a rich, full tone: definitely a ‘best buy’ for its price.  

As a matter of interest, no retailer of a new Hoyer 801 currently has the Medium-belled version available, only the Large version.

  This lovely horn, fitted with an adjustable finger hook, comes in its original Hoyer hard case, in as-new condition, with a shoulder strap. Several other retailers offer only a soft gig-bag.

It weighs 2.51 kg / 5 lb 8+ oz.



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