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The Holton H-188 is a ‘Kruspe wrap’ nickel-silver horn with a ‘Large throated’ fixed bell, and with the same general layout and playing properties as a Conn 8D, but with a much more secure high register.

Our current example is in very good condition apart from some very slight lacquer loss in the usual, expected places.  Also, a small area of lacquer was scratched when a ‘ding’ in the bell throat was repaired.

This very special and astonishingly under-publicised model is a faithful and accurate copy, in its tapered sections, of a vintage Elkhart Conn 8D.  It is a remarkable instrument, with beautiful, creamy legato and reassuring pitch-slots over the entire range.

These various ‘bullet points’ are from Holton’s publicity:

Key: F-Bb 
Bore: 11.89 mm (.468") 
Mouthpipe: Newly developed taper with 0.289 inch venturi 
Lever action: Noiseless string action, short stroke with stainless steel springs 
Valve rotors: Tapered hand-lapped brass with nickel-silver outside casings 
Bearing plates: Tapered brass 
Material: Solid nickel-silver 
Slides: Lightweight nickel-silver inside and outside with rolled bead rings; recessed slides allow for quick removal 

Bell: 12.25" diameter extra large-throated hand-hammered specially annealed nickel-silver with overlapping seam 
Waterkey: On mouthpipe

  In my opinion this horn has a lot more character and sensitivity than many of the more recent Conn 8Ds, and is possibly Holton’s finest horn in the entire range.

It comes in a lightweight case with a shoulder strap.

NB The current new SRP of this horn is £6,500, and the lowest discount price is £5,440, to special order.

NNB Although a fully 'professional' horn it is also listed in the 'Intermediate' category on account of its 'less than £2K' price.

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