HOLTON 'Farkas' H-178

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  The original ‘Farkas Model’ : designed by Philip Farkas, the legendary former 1st horn of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Our current example dates from 1972, but seems to have had very light use, particularly in the last several years.

It is an excellent, 'well blown in' horn with a bright, compact feel.  Its ‘Medium-throated’ hand-hammered bell produces a medium-dark sound with the potential for tonal variation via skilful vowel vocalisation plus 'artistry of the right hand'.


 Key: F-Bb.

Pitch: A=443 with independent Bb tuning.

Bore: 11.89 mm

Mouthpipe: 7.784 mm venturi (narrowest dimension).

Valve levers: noiseless string action, short stroke with stainless steel springs.

Valve rotors: tapered hand-lapped brass.

Bearing plates: tapered brass.

Alloy: brass branches and bows, solid nickel silver connecting ferrules.

Slides: solid nickel silver both inside and out.

Bell: fixed, 12.25” diameter medium-throated hand-hammered yellow brass.

Water key: conventional type, on the mouthpipe.

Case: lightweight black nylon/canvas with straps and two storage pockets.

This horn is in generally good condition,  with just a few very small dings in the bell and some lacquer wear and pitting in the usual, expected places where hands have touched the surfaces.

It is currently housed with its owner in Exminster, South Devon. Contact details can be provided on request.

NB: 'Price comparison': A new Holton 178 currently costs (best discount price) £4550  from Alan Gregory, Manchester.


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HOLTON 'Farkas' H-178