HOLTON 178 'Farkas'

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This is the original H-178 ‘Farkas Model’ as designed by Philip Farkas, the legendary former 1st horn of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. In many of the C.S.O. recordings he can be heard making a large, ‘complex’ sound, however he was not playing a ‘large’ horn, but Holton's 'medium' model, the H-178.


It is a superb horn with a bright, compact feel, and a sound of outstanding tonal beauty. Its ‘Medium-throated’ hand-hammered bell produces a medium-dark tone with fine legato characteristics. The yellow brass body produces a bright, pure tone colour with multiple overtones and great projection.


This lovely horn, in the ‘right hands and lips’(!) is capable of playing pianissimo to fortissimo, ‘staccatissimo’ to ‘molto legato’ with great clarity and sensitivity.



Key: F-Bb.

Pitch: A=443 with independent Bb tuning.

Bore: 11.89 mm

Mouthpipe: 7.784 mm venturi (narrowest dimension).

Valve levers: noiseless string action, short stroke with stainless steel springs.

Valve rotors: tapered hand-lapped brass.

Bearing plates: tapered brass.

Material: brass branches and bows, solid nickel silver connecting ferrules.

Slides: solid nickel silver both inside and out.

Bell: 12.25” diameter medium-throated hand-hammered yellow brass.

Water key: conventional type, on the mouthpipe.

Case: original Holton case, heavy but very protective.


NB: This horn is in generally excellent condition, and plays beautifully, with an even response over the whole range. It is a natural upgrade professional horn for a young/improving player who currently uses an Intermediate instrument such as a Holton 378 or Yamaha 567.

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HOLTON 178 'Farkas'