FISHER: a superb horn with a unique innovative design

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Model: FISHER FD 3

Maker: TOM FISHER, Derbyshire, UK

This lovely BRAND NEW hand-made unlacquered yellow-brass full double horn with a piston 4th valve/change-valve is built round a Bernd Sandner ‘Model 83’ Medium bell, with a matching Tom Fisher lead pipe and first branch. 

This particular bell profile gives a warm sonority, an almost effortless response and notably easy hand-stopping. 
The thumb lever's double-pivot design gives it a light and positive feel, with a short 'throw', so you don't have to push it down far to change from F to Bb.  The piston valve is reversible, so the horn can stand in F or Bb (it currently stands in Bb).  This makes switching between the two horns very smooth, as well as introducing low resistance to the instrument - it is like playing two single horns tied together. This feature is accentuated here because the F horn’s tubing is a larger bore (12.1 mm) than the Bb (11.9 mm), which means it blows very freely.

 The horn is very well-balanced in the hands, since the weight is concentrated in the centre. This ingenious design incorporating a piston 4th valve will continue to be researched and refined by Tom Fisher to maximise the potential in this configuration.

Overall, a very impressive, beautifully constructed, hand-made double horn of a 'high-end' quality ‘in the same universe as’ the various much more expensive instruments by e.g. Steve Lewis, Daniel Rauch and Keith Berg.  However, their horns cost about 2.5 times as much as this one!

It comes in a ‘no frills’ but sturdy and compact hard case in good condition.

NB: Very recently Tom Fisher adjusted the angle of the leadpipe so as to give an even more comfortable holding position. 


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FISHER: a superb horn with a unique innovative design