FINKE Model 69 5 valve

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Maker:  FINKE

Made in: Vlotho-Exter, Germany

Model: 69  

Type:  5 valve full double in F/Bb/A+ 

Age:  3.5 years. NB The horn was totally refurbished in the Finke workshop only 6 months ago.

Bell throat profile: medium (similar but not identical to the Paxman ‘M’ bell).

Bell diameter:  31 cm

Central tubing bore: 12.1 mm

Alloy: unlacquered yellow brass; lacquered gold brass detachable leadpipe and bell flare.

Bell flare: detachable

Water keys (2): conventional type, on the leadpipe and on the F horn loop.

A lovely lightweight horn, hand made in Germany by skilled craftsmen using top quality materials and parts made in the Finke workshop.  I know, because last year I visited Johannes Finke’s workshop and saw it for myself!

Weight: 2.44 kg / 5 lb 6 oz

Adjustable finger hook. 

Further details: a really wonderful and versatile hand-made double horn. The build quality and craftsmanship are both absolutely superb. Every pitch is exactly where you expect it to be, the rotor action is smooth, light and positive, and the immense potential range of tonal shading is awesome. The 5th valve’s tuning slide is configured ingeniously so that no detachable sleeves are required: pushing the slide in gives horn in A; pulling it out about 20mm tunes it for stopping.

 A totally beautiful horn in every way.


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FINKE Model 69 5 valve