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Maker: C.G. CONN

Place of origin: ELKHART, Indiana, USA 

Model:  8DS  

Type:  F/Bb full double

Date of manufacture: 1969

Bell throat profile: L (large)

Bell diameter:  12.25  inches

Bore (cylindrical):  0.468 inches / 11.89 mm

Alloy: nickel silver (‘German silver’) horn body

Bell flare: detachable yellow brass 28D

Valve compression: very good

Lacquer:  unlacquered  bell flare and ‘spout’ ; lacquer mostly stripped from the horn body.

Visual condition:  generally very good

Weight: 2.6kg / 5lb 13oz

‘JoyKey’  on the tubing after the main tuning slide, leading into the 4th ('change') valve.

Case: detached-bell lightweight case with back-pack straps.

Further details: this ‘classic’ 8D from the legendary Elkhart era has a new Eastlake nickel silver replacement  bell with a 28D yellow brass detachable flare; however, its original fixed bell with several patches is still available for no extra cost, apart from shipping.

Its original Conn leadpipe has been replaced by a new Rick Seraphinoff nickel silver pipe, to very good effect. The old Conn pipe is available and is included in the sale.  

This horn plays superbly across the entire range, not just the low and middle registers!


NB  Price comparison: the lowest brand-new discount price for this model is currently £4,655. 




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