CONN Connstellation 9DS

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The  Conn CONNstellation 9DS double horn is based on the traditional 8D Kruspe wrap design,but with a 'medium' bell throat, giving a little more 'blowing resistance'.


This horn radically changes one's pre-conceptions as to what Conn horns are 'all about'! I must now ‘own up’ to being involved as an ‘acoustic consultant’ in the evolution of this Medium-bell model, and its larger-throated sibling, the 11D, about 25-30 years ago, when I subsequently wrote a review of their prototypes for C.G. Conn's London agent at the time, Bill Lewington.


Alloy: lacquered Rose brass body and detachable bell, with nickel silver leadpipe and tuning slides.


Change Valve: mechanical linkage

Valve levers: Adjustable height via the stringing.


Case: Conn original for detachable bell.


A few months ago I was rehearsing wind quintets during a few days when my FINKE Model 63 was being fitted with 'JoyKeys'.

I had an opportunity to borrow a Conn 9D from a pupil and was delighted to find that its sound 'fitted in comfortably' with the tricky decibel balance of the quintet. It had a much more direct and focussed tone than an 8D, while still retaining a lot of warmth in the sound.


I can thoroughly recommend this lovely Conn 9DS horn, with its excellent flexibility of response.


Price comparison: a new 9DS currently costs £5,390 ( best discount price). Our current horn costs less than 60% of that.

NNB: A one-owner horn from new, the instrument is currently housed with its owner near Bournemouth, UK. Contact details can be provided on request.


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CONN Connstellation 9DS