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Maker: C.G. CONN, Eastlake, USA

Model:  8DS  

Type:  F/Bb full double

Bell throat profile: L (large)

Bell diameter:  12.25  inches

Bore (cylindrical):  0.468 inches / 11.89 mm

Alloy: lacquered (95% good) nickel silver (‘German silver’) horn body

Bell flare: detachable

Water key: conventional type, on the leadpipe.

Valve compression: very good

Overall condition:  generally very good, apart from a few slight surface blemishes on the outer flare near the screw ring, having no effect whatsoever on the horn’s performance.

Weight: 2.6kg / 5lb 13oz

Case: slimline black canvas gig-bag, lightweight and airline-friendly, but not very protective. Alternative hard cases are available at reasonable extra cost.

Further details:  Probably the best ‘post ElkhartEastlake 8D I’ve had in stock for the last 2 years. An interesting feature is that the leadpipe angle is more acute than is typically found on 8Ds. This makes it much more comfortable to hold with a ‘free bell’ not resting on the leg.

This horn plays superbly across the entire range, not just the low and middle registers!

NB:  Price comparison: the lowest brand-new discount price for this model is currently £5,390. 


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