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Maker: C.G. CONN, ELKHART, Indiana, USA 

Model:  8D  

Type:  F/Bb full double

Date of manufacture: 1967

Bell throat profile: L (large)

Alloy: nickel silver 

Bell flare: detachable 

Valve compression: very good

Lacquer: patchy in several places

Visual condition: good

Weight: 2.6kg / 5lb 13oz

"JoyKey"  on the leadpipe

Lightweight screw-bell case with back-pack straps.

Further details: this is a  ‘classic’ 8D from the legendary Elkhart era. It is generally recognised that the finest Elkhart Conn 8Ds (apart from the 'pre-alphabet' ones) were the series E and H.

This horn's original fixed bell was converted to a detachable bell several years ago by Rox Cox, using Paxman screw-rings.  Also available as an option (£200)  is a lightweight Conn 'ambronze' bell flare giving a lighter, brighter sound than the original flare.

The horn plays superbly across the entire range, not just the low and middle registers!

Also available as an optional extra (£250) is an 'Ambronze' annealed lightweight flare. This gives a more concentrated, slightly warmer sound.

NB Price comparison: the lowest brand-new UK discount price for this model is currently £5,390. 

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