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A wonderful Geyer-style horn that is, in effect, a ‘super-charged’ Yamaha 667.

 Felix Cantesanu has ‘worked his magic’ on what was undoubtedly a fine YHR-667 to begin with, resulting in an exceptionally lovely horn that quite simply ‘does everything that a 667 does’ but 200% better!  There is also an extra almost intangible quality to the horn’s playing that can be summed up in two words: “enhanced personality”.

  These very rare instruments hardly ever turn up on the used horn market, for the simple reason that they are so superb that players hang on to them!

  The conversion process can be summed up in Mr Cantesanu’s own words on his website:


“The Cantesanu Horns Yamaha 667 Customization Package has become widely known and has been offered now for many years. I have modified the Yamaha more and more until I arrived to a set of changes that make this already good horn a truly magnificent instrument. This is the original complete customization package that has started a trend in the horn world … making the 667 such a coveted instrument (I dare call it an "original package" because at the time when I started offering a complete customization package, I haven't heard of any other available). It is a "house speciality" for my shop.”

            The conversion includes:

              A new custom leadpipe;

              Structure/bracing reconfigured;

              Lacquer stripping;

              Hand lapped valves;

              Chemical cleaning

  This particular horn currently in stock is less than 2 years old, and was used as a demonstration instrument by Mr Cantesanu at various horn festivals and workshops. Unusually, its 2 main tuning slides have corrosion-resistant gold brass 'bows'.

This superb horn comes with a Marcus Bonna slimline red and black case with the Cantesanu name on  it.

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