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Model: 'SOVEREIGN', a generalised copy of an Alexander 103


Type:  F/Bb full double

Bell throat profile: medium/large

Alloy: lacquered brass, the lacquer rather shabby in several places.

Bell flare: fixed

Adjustable finger hook

Duck's foot / flipper

Weight: 2.8 kg / 6lb 4oz

Further details: a Czech-made horn that follows the general layout of an Alexander 103, with a significant difference: a cylindrical bore of 11.85 mm rather than the current Alexander bore of 12.1 mm. This means that, for a young player, it requires less air to 'fill' it. The advantage is somewhat offset by the horn's 2.8 kg weight, but this is alleviated by the duck's foot; the horn is actually no heavier than the well-known vintage Lidl double, a tried-and-tested design, although inferior in its playing qualities to this Besson 'Sovereign'.

A detachable stopping valve with a manual rotor is provided (not seen in the photos).

Cosmetically / visually there are several very tiny dings that have no effect on the horn's playing qualities.

  It comes in a hard case in fairly good condition. An alternative new lightweight case with backpack straps is available for £60.


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