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Model: F/Bb  ‘Como

Bell throat profile: Medium

Bell diameter: 12 inches

Bore of valve tubing: 11.9 mm

Alloy: lacquered yellow brass

Bell flare: fixed

Valve compression: very good

Lacquer: 95% OK

Visual/cosmetic condition: generally very good, apart from some very slight lacquer wear: a small area near the finger hook, an area about 3 cm square high up inside the bell throat, and some dark brown spotting near the end of the branch just before the ‘napkin ring’ joint.

Case: ‘has seen some use’ but still functional. New lightweight cases with shoulder- or back-pack straps are available from £45 to £60.

Further details: a very good, sturdily made Italian generalised copy of a CONN 6D, very responsive and even throughout the various registers. Although on the heavy side, it represents an ideal, inexpensive Intermediate upgrade from a mini or a full size ‘beginner’ horn, capable of use up to about Grade 7/8.

NB: Unlike the well-known Anborg compensator with its notoriously uncomfortable and awkward 4th valve, this horn’s 4th/change valve is very conveniently placed.

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