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Maker: VINCENT BACH, Elkhart


Bell throat profile: large

Alloy: unlacquered silver-plated brass

Valve compression: good

 Visual  condition: 'has seen some use'. There are a few 'non-invasive' dings and surface imperfections, but these are purely cosmetic issues with no apparent effect on the playing of the horn. There is some evidence of repairs to joints in a couple of places.

 General: slightly heavier than many double horns (but not as heavy as a 'traditional' Lidl!) this is ergonomically quite a big horn that would be best suited to a player with larger than average hands. Although its bell throat is similar to e.g. Conn 8D, Holton 179 or Paxman 'A'/ New World, its high register is clear and focussed.

 Weight: 2.67 kg

 Case: original, large and heavy but very protective.


 Its 'sub-£2K' price qualifies it for a parallel

listing in the 'Intermediate' category.


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