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Maker:  BOOSEY and HAWKES, London

Model: ‘Imperial’

Serial number: LP 290387

Date: 1959-1960

Type:  F/Bb full double

Bell throat profile: medium

Alloy: lacquered yellow brass

Bell flare: fixed

Mouthpiece: Denis Wick

Hard case in OK/functional condition


Further details: a good example of the 'legendary but heavy' B & H ‘Imperial’, a copy of a vintage Alexander 103 with a central / cylindrical bore of 11.9 mm rather than the current Alexander bore of 12.1 mm.  Its lacquer is in moderately good condition; there is some expected wear in several places, and a few dings, seen in the photos, in places that are relatively easy to reach by a professional brass repair technician.


The B & H ‘Imperial’ was the instrument of choice in the BBC Symphony Orchestra’s horn section when led by Douglas Moore during the period 1945-1969.

See photo.

  This model traditionally has a ringing, compact sound.  It is is the 'equivalent' (although heavier) of a vintage Alexander 103 at a fraction of the cost.


NB: although this is a 'Professional quality' instrument, it is also listed in the Intermediate category on account of its very modest price.

It is currently housed with its owner in Kingussie, Scotland.

Contact details can be provided on request.


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